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entitlement programs like social security and medicare would escape any budget cuts. molly henneberg is live for us at the white house, so i guess the question here, molly, what is included and what is excluded in the spending freeze? >> reporter: hi, jon, the president wants to hold spending at 2010 levels through 2013. but it would only apply to nondefense discretionary spending and that means spending for most governments, departments and agencies. about 17% of the total federal budget. so, what -- that is what would be included. what would be excluded includes the following: the cost of the wars in iraq an afghanistan. foreign aid. homeland security and veterans administration. social security. medicare. medicaid. and those last three there alone, social security, medicare, medicaid, make up 59% of all federal spending each year and they would not be touched by the spending freeze. >> how much money do you save if you freeze these discretionary items. >> reporter: the white house says, if you did it for 2011 it would save between 10 and $15 billion and the white house projects, hey if yo
medicare in ten years, the cbo says that course of action would reduce the decifit by 132 billion. critics, however, are extremely skeptical. >> there's a number of things that make that highly implausible, dubious, it assumes it will be cut 20 percent by 2011 and stay there indefinitely. if you just take that out, just that one on its own, take it out of the equation, the bill goes from being a small decifit reducer to being a large decifit increaser. >> that's known as the doctor fix, jane, and that alone would put the bill in the red. jane: this doctor fix, jim, has been a long standing issue, it isn't, though, in the versions that are currently out there, right? >> no, because it costs too much. keep in mind, this is an effort to undo one of congress' previous efforts to reduce medicare spending. lawmakers have been trying to fix it for years, because they were cutting medicare payments to doctors or reducing care for elderly, not to mention getting a lot of lawmakers thrown out of congress, so they all pledged to fix it, it was originally in both the house and senate bills, but fixing
and nice. they filed all the paperwork, and medicare and my insurance covered the cost. we can work directly with medicare or with your insurance company. we can even help with financing. if there's a way, we'll find it! so don't wait any longer, call the scooter store today. jon: we are just about 20 hours into this terrible catastrophe that's hit haiti. a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that slammed that island about 5:00 p.m. yesterday. the president's pal lashs the main prison, the cathedral, hospitals, schools, thousands of homes all severely damaged, even flattened. untold numbers of people are trapped. we're told that the president is quoted as saying he thinks there may be 100,000 people dead. his prime minister is quoted saying he thinks it could be half a million in a nation of nine million people. it is the worst event to hit haiti in terms of natural disasters in 200 years. but it is an island no stranger to such things like hurricanes the past few years. that makes life even more difficult in one of the poorest countries in the world. let's go to brian wilson live in washingto
of dollars a year in medicine. currently, 13 percent of all medicare recipients have prior insurance that the government doesn't make them go off, and the government doesn't go after the insurance companies and mandate the requirements for each insurance policy. twenty to 50 percent of our insurance premiums are at the cause of state mandates. our country is based upon one key factor, hard-earned dollars you can buy a product based upon what it provides and the cost and the state mandates eliminate that. i think we ought to go back to individuals' pofortable plans where we give individuals the opportunity to buy their own plans and have the same deductions employers have when they buy it for employees. jane: we could talk much more about it, but unfortunately we're out of time. danny tarkanian hopes to face off with the harry reid in november. sue lowden, on fox yesterday, we have feelers out to the majority office, and we hope he comes out as well. danny, thanks. >> thank you for having me on. jon: there are new sweeps underway to root out extremist s in yemen. we'll get you more on
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are going to be leaner, people in medicare are going to suffer, people who are in small business or who are in the individual market are going to suffer, and the democrats in washington are gaming this system to get this big legislation passed without really any evidence that anybody is going to do better by it, and i think that's the huge political risk that they face in the mid-term elections. a bill like this is all pain and no gain, and it may cost them lots of seats in the next election. jon: maria, the plan that they are talking about at the white house, and it gets a little complicated, but they're talking about asking the senate democrats to pass exactly the version that has already been passed by the senate. this is in the event that they lose the election tomorrow, which would give democrats only 59 seats in the senate. they would then go to something called reconciliation, which would allow the senate, after the president signs the bill, allow the senate to go back and with a simple majority vote, instead of needing 60 votes, they could take 51 votes and make the changes to h
cut about $500 billion from medicare. they're a like in that sense. lots of questions about whether or not they'll actually follow through on that. if so, what the impact would be on seniors but they also need a lot of new revenue. the house would raise it by imposing a 5.4% surtax on those with gross income of $500,000 or more a year. strictly a money-raising move, with no impact on health care itself, suspended -- the senate on the other hand raises revenues through a 40 percent tax on so-called cadillac plans, health insurance that costs more than $23,000 a family. >> we have to come up with serious financing, and this is an obvious place to do it. it's the largest untaxed fringe benefit in the u.s. tax code so i think the money drove them to it. >> obama advisers say the tax is aimed at benefits like the ones that wall street bankers had, but the vast majority of those with such plans are actually union members, and state government employees, jon. jon: what happens to the health plans when you put a 40 percent tax on them? >> everyone knows at first the 40 percent tax will be p
for things like border protection, housing illegal immigrants in jail, medicare and medicaid programs. he says clearly this is money washington owes to california, and some economists believe the obama administration should not let california fall. listen. >> it's probably an analogy one could make that we are too big to fail. does it mean that we may not have some difficulties that we need to the address ourselves? the failure of california would be a failure for the country. >>reporter: ross due value points out that california is the eighth largest economy in the world, and it provides 13% of the gross domestic product for the nation, so really the recovery of the nation actually depends on california, jon. jon: what about other states, though? i'm sure there are other states in pretty bad fiscal situations. can they get help from the federal government? >> well, right now there's only one other state asking for federal help, and that is new york. but certainly, you're right, there are many states facing huge budget holes. after california, new jersey faces the next largest budget cris
's just a question of are we going to raise taxes, cut half a trillion from medicare, affect veterans' care. i think we can do it better. and to just be the 41st senator and bring it back to the drawing board, there are some very good things, as you just pointed out, in the national plan that's being proposed, but if you look at -- and ream, almost a parochial manor, we -- -- manner, we need to look out for massachusetts first. as a legislator and . >> what advice do you have for senate majority leader harry reid on how to prowith health -- proceed to health care, is there something salvageable in this bill or do you have to start ghen. >> john if i'll be giving him advice at all. he is the senate president, and so the majority leader. he obviously has his own way of doing things, and i don't want to influence that, but i think i can certainly offer guidance as to what we've done here and how we could maybe do it better there. >> when you're talking about independents, you talked about during the campaign how you're going to maintain it down there, and people are going down there all
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